Dear customers,

these sites are designed especially for framers, not intended for the public. We offer a large number of custom-made print images from renowned foreign publishers, especially from the USA. The most important thing is to choose a image. To facilitate your selection, you can sort the subject according to different criteria. Depending on the category of the image (flowers, landscapes, acts …), according to the orientation of the image (square, horizontal, vertical), according to the author (Brent Highton, Igor Priscepa …) by the publisher (Galaxy of Graphics, Wild Apple, …) or according to the main color in the image (red, blue …) Next select material – we can print every image on a quality photo paper 200 gr. or polyester cloth – 230 gr. And it is necessary to choose a dimension corresponding to the image proportions. Square images begin with 1 (eg 30 × 30, 70 × 70 cm), rectangles with a 1: 2 aspect ratio begin with number 2 (eg 50 × 100 cm), rectangles with a 3: 4 aspect ratio begin with number 3 (eg. 60 × 80) , panoramic 1: 3 aspect ratio starting with 4 (eg 30 × 90 cm), landscapes are mostly with 6:10 aspect ratio starting with number 6 ( eg 60×100 cm) and images with a 3: 7 aspect ratio begin with number 7 (eg. 30×70 cm ). Everything about paper is clear. For printing on canvas you only enter the “front” size. We will print the image with a mirror effect in color 3 cm larger on each side. And for easier stretching on the stretch frame, we leave another 2 cm of white canvas on each side, so for example, when ordering a size of 50 × 70 cm, you get a 60 × 80 cm canvas from us. Of course, you can also send us your digitalized images (photos) so we can print them on our large-format printer. We look forward to working with you. We have been producing art prints for pictures since 1994.